Midnight Marauder

Oxford Languages defines marauding as ‘moving around in quest of goods to take or people to assault’. In case of raiding (not recommended), nighttime is a suitable time. In Relax Pgslot Gaming’s Midnight Marauder, players accompany a thief as he steals gems at night in an online slot with a clever Collect & Multiplier function.

Midnight Marauder employs clusters of matching symbols to win on a 6×6 grid. The grid is straightforward and generic owing to the symbols, but the rest of the screen portrays a building at night while a cunning burglar sneaks around throughout play. Relax has employed a cartoonish, jokey, loveable thief to lighten the mood since real-life marauding is lame. This game has a Microgaming classic Bust the Bank theme. It gives Midnight Marauder a pleasant atmosphere, although the game panel and symbols are basic, which might turn off discerning gamers.

Play pretend marauding on any device with bets from 10 p/c to £/€30 per spin. Midnight Marauder is volatile and has a default RTP of 96.19%, rising to 96.87% with free spins. Congratulations on the rise, however the base and bonus games are similar, so players don’t miss anything if they’re locked in the main game for a while. Midnight Marauder Dream Drop is a jackpot variation. It’s tied to Relax Gaming’s progressive jackpot and has 94.0% RTP (12% jackpot contribution).

At least five matching symbols in vertical or horizontal places generate winning clusters. All regular payments are gems of various shapes and colors worth 0.1 to 2 times the stake. Payouts are calculated by multiplying the number of symbols in a winning cluster by their value. Only the scatter occurs in Midnight Marauders, which has no wilds.

Midnight Marauder Slot Features

Players can maraud successfully using the Collect & Multiplier feature in the base game and free spins. It works like this. Any winning cluster is gathered and put on the grid in a swag bag icon symbol location. We get a respin. A winning symbol added to the bag collection symbol during the respin awards another respin. If a winning cluster hits, it becomes a bag symbol and a respin is given.

After respins, the multiplier value on the bags (the total number of winning symbols) is added to the symbol’s value and given. It gets fascinating when many bags of the same symbol type are seen. Here, all matching bag kinds are multiplied before applying to the symbol value.

Free Spins

Any extra triggering bonus symbol provides 2 free spins, and 3 scatter symbols award 8 free spins. Free spins follow the same principles as the main game, and each scatter symbol provides an extra spin.

Purchase Feature

Depending on your jurisdiction, players can buy free spins for 100x their stake to ensure a gaming round with free spins.

Midnight Marauder Slot Review

It wasn’t love at first sight. The gameboard’s incompleteness kept us from letting go. It took some getting used to the board being all jewels against ordinary reels and appraising their worth. Game warmed up after settling down and watching the Collect & Multiplier function work a few times. It wasn’t clear how exponential multiplication may be at first. Scattered symbol wins and respins built a little reward pool, made more so by the dull reel set and jewels. The comical burglar and amusing soundtrack made a so-so encounter more enjoyable.

Then multi clusters hit, revealing their exponential power. Midnight Marauder came alive with possibilities, and we studied the symbols as they dropped for cluster advertisements to fill swag bags. After no more winning symbols, each bag might sometimes increase into something spectacular. If you’re jumping in, remember that bag values are not bet multipliers. Multiplexing the symbol’s value may disappoint if you weren’t explicit.

Even yet, winning clusters together may be astonishingly effective. While Midnight Marauder offers a max win of 30,000x the bet, the test round produced some impressive returns. With so much potential increasing, the number felt feasible. Not easy, Midnight Marauder can tease, but possible.

Midnight Marauder, like Relax’s Plunderland, is easy but difficult. Each symbol drop is captivating since new symbols improve bags and then apply to other matching bag kinds, skyrocketing values in a minute. Eyes were continuously scanning the board for prospective victories, which may be Bill & Ted-esque when they happen. Midnight Marauder, like all Relax slots, has good stats but seems incomplete. Premiums with more individuality, an additional to the main game, and a more unique bonus round would have helped Midnight Marauder move over 8/10.






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